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Two people can be in the same place, at the same time, and see something totally different. Follow the InMyView PodCast a lighthearted, entertaining show where we share uncommon perspectives and candid views from travels around town and across the globe.

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Welcome to InMyView - where we candidly talk about travel, culture, and our adventures. We probably share too much, and I know we have some unique perspectives - but it's usually fun, and always informative. InMyView - I think travel teaches us how different we are .... and how similar we are ... wherever we go.

The transcript of InMyView Trailer is on my Blog. Photos are in the Shop Gallery for IMV Trailer.


Bucket Lists & More ... with Reema

Reema and I talk about her travel bucket list and how she managed to cross-off two of her rare animals on one trip! Join us as chat about Africa, Canada, and Australia -- and how we saw a tiger and a dragon (of sorts....).


David Jefferiss
Evolution in Action

David is a lifelong traveler and photographer. Join us as he recounts his recent adventures in Galapagos. A bucket list trip for sure with the added benefit of seeing Evolution in Action. Don't forget to ask about the unique names of all the critters .... 


Stephen Frink 

The Influence of Travel 

Coming Soon - The most published underwater photographer, Stephen leads photo tours to remote and exotic locations. Let’s see how those tours have influenced his work as a photographer and for ocean conservation. Maybe we can get him to share a few fun stories about his trips as well.

Coming Soon


Converstations with Eddie Tapp

Coming Soon - Eddie is one of the most influential photographers and digital imagers of our time. We'll chat with him about his travels and how learning Underwater Photography influenced his art.

Coming Soon