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Two people can be in the same place, at the same time, and see something totally different. Follow the InMyView PodCast a lighthearted, entertaining show where we share uncommon perspectives and candid views from travels around town and across the globe.

InMyView - Trailer


Welcome to InMyView - where we candidly talk about travel, culture, and our adventures. We probably share too much, and I know we have some unique perspectives - but it's usually fun, and always informative. InMyView - I think travel teaches us how different we are .... and how similar we are ... wherever we go.

The transcript of InMyView Trailer is on my Blog. Photos are in the Shop Gallery for IMV Trailer.


Bucket Lists & More ... with Reema

Reema and I talk about her travel bucket list and how she managed to cross-off two of her rare animals on one trip! Join us as chat about Africa, Canada, and Australia -- and how we saw a tiger and a dragon (of sorts....).


Evolution in Action withDavid Jefferiss

David is a lifelong traveler and photographer. Join us as he recounts his recent adventures in Galapagos. A bucket list trip for sure with the added benefit of seeing Evolution in Action. Don't forget to ask about the unique names of all the critters .... 


The Journey to Maldives  with David Jefferiss

The first in a 4 part series on our trip to the Maldives in the spring of 2022. I'm sharing a video we put together showing some of the travel to the Maldives, a bit of Male, meeting up with the rest of the group, and traveling to our boat - the Maldives Aggressor II.

A short podcast with David to rehash the journey coming soon.



Maldives Diving the Walls  with David Jefferiss

Part 2 of our Maldives adventure covers some of the diving along the walls, the reefs, & channels. Enjoy the views of octopus, anemones, turtles & more.


Maldives + Symbiosis  with David Jefferiss

Part 3 of our Maldives adventure shows examples of the symbiosis in the ocean - not just anemone fish but also morays, whale sharks and mantas benefit from working together with other species.


Maldives Sharks & Rays  with David Jefferiss

Part 4 of our Maldives adventure covers views of why many of us wanted to visit - the channels and tides provide currents that bring sharks and rays closer to their prey. With reef hooks and a lot of finning, we witnessed some magnificent interactions.

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