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Introducing InMyView - The Podcast

Pop over to the Podcast page to listen to the trailer for InMyView.

It's a lighthearted radio show where we share candid views and unique perspectives from our travels around town and across the globe. In my view - two people can be at the same place, at the same time and see totally different things - so we love to share the adventures through our lens.

a lighthearted radio show with topics including conservation, culture, and travel anecdotes

Join us for some great stories and conversations about culture, conservation, funny anecdotes, and travel drama, as we share the world - in our view.

Transcript for the trailer:

Hey, it's Robin. Welcome to, InMyView, the radio show about our travels around town and across the globe. Here's where we share some candid views, unique perspectives and eclectic stories. There are so many stories to tell.

Like, have I told you about “Miner 49’er” yet?

Or what about the Egyptian Pharmacy tours?

Or how about when Reema was asked a million-and-one questions at a bar on Kangaroo Island, because they hadn't seen a brown person before ... apparently.

Like what about the beef, the cows in Cuba? Who takes care of them? Who gets the meat? What happens if they die?

Or how the marine life improved drastically in Bonaire, after they installed community or island wide septic systems?

Or why does seeing a lot of sharks in the oceans and on the reefs mean that it's a healthy ocean?

It's all these things ,and more, that we chat about on InMyView.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

~ til next time --- Robin


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