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Welcome to In My View

I've been blogging for years. Mostly telling stories about my travel adventures. I thought I would pull them all into this new blog until --- well --- I lots them. So --- I'll be posting new thoughts and views from my adventures, as well as news about ocean, conservation, different cultures + ways you can become involved if you are so inclined.


Rather than post a pic or 2 on Facebook - I am trying to create a collection of Travel Stories that tell a bit about the places we go, what it was like (the good, the bad, the funny...) for others enjoy, learn from, or use as a travel guide.


We've all seen the photos of the turtles with straws and plastic rings attached, and most know about the Pacific Plastic Patch but there is so much more to be shared. I've put together a weekly newsletter (top news articles from the web complied in one place) to help keep up-to-date with what the different organizations are doing,and what the scientists are publishing. Hopefully we can use this to find additional ways we can all help reduce the damage to our oceans and reefs and start the process of bringing them back to a healthy life.


I'm also sharing my views - so that folks that aren't able to travel to the same destinations are able to see and feel what it is like there.

On Instagram I post photos on Aquagirlrobin and usually tag #currentview #imv_rb #reefroamersadventures follow me there for pics - and here for stories!


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