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Forgotten Islands

When opportunity knocks .... for once I was grateful to be a freelancer and have no projects on the horizon. I know that sounds crazy ... but I was able to travel to Indonesia at the last minute when a friend's work schedule interfered with her plans. Here is just an taste of what we saw - I'll share more details in future blogs .....

Luxury Live Aboard Forgotten Islands Indonesia
Dewi Nusantara

Stunning Views

Not only was the boat exotic and spectacular, the 12 day trek served up some of the most amazing coral reefs, exotic creatures, and remote island vistas imaginable. Everyday my roommate would open the porthole cover with great anticipation to see what the day's view would be - needless to say it was never a disappointment! Some mornings we enjoyed coffee watching the sun rise over a volcano - others we saw small atolls that promised spectacular coral reefs - every now and then we saw another vessel - but for the most part we truly felt serene and content in our private world with only another day of diving to look forward to!

Healthy Oceans

Here are a few shots from our trek - I am still amazed when I look back through the photos - the bring back the emotions - the dramatic colors - the miles and miles (seemingly) of reefs in so many different colors and types of coral - the fish darting in and out, schooling just above the reefs - the micro creatures hiding in their own small universe of a soft coral or anemones - whew spectacular! This is what all the reefs should look like - could look like - if we can get back on track and be mindful of what we use and what we put in the ocean.

Till next time - Safe Travels



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